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Merits and Demerits of Hair Straightening Treatment

October 29, 2017

Fashion and Style

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Every woman craves for straightened hair that stands out from the crowd. But naturally, these good hair looks comes at price. But the question is, is it too high a price? The type of hair treatment you apply says a lot about where you are on the social ladder. Women particularly have myriad options in terms of hair straightening treatment.  One common hair treatment they can choose is the chemical hair treatment. The chemicals are referred to as chemical hair relaxers. They play a vital role in straightening unmanageable hair.

Most women recognize the value of this product because it guarantees impeccable results. To accomplish the desired outcome, the straightening procedures, like hair relaxers, encompass use of sodium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide. Nevertheless, it is of utmost important to be versed with the boons and drawbacks of hair straightening treatment before you undergo one. Let’s delve deeper into the merits and demerits of hair straightening treatment:


Relaxers present easy to manage hair. A flat iron assist individuals attain a wonderful straight hair. It thus becomes easier to style and comb. Nevertheless, curls back may still reoccur in your hair. Most hair relaxers contain an element called aloe Vera that plays the role of hair moistening and scalping. After treatment, the final outcome is a nice shiny hair. If you are not an expert in this domain, you can ask your stylist for products that contain aloe Vera. The hidden properties of aloe vera offer great benefits to your hair.

For those with kinky hair, the straightening technique is ideal for you. Women who prefer cultural hairstyles are best suited for this treatment. After treatment, there is the flexibility of dying the hair. But it is advisable to consult your stylist to recommend for the perfect color for you. In most occasions, highlights or bleach dyes can be done on relaxed hair. Semi-permanent dyes are highly recommended by hair professionals. This treatment allows you to achieve straight hair with more flexibility for varied designs.


Hair treatment comes at a price including straightening and the routine maintenance. Maintenance require about $80 to $150. Permanent straightening will be achieved but as they grow, they need some retouching to uphold the quality. Hair treatment products can contain elements that can be detrimental to your hair. Sodium chloride, specifically, has far reaching negative effects thus it is advised to select a product that contains guanidine hydroxide.

There is a possibility of your scalp getting damaged when you make use of the countless straightening techniques out there. Thus, thorough deliberations need to take place before deciding on this procedure. On the whole, it is essential to appreciate that hair treatment is not a thing for everyone. If, for instance, if have no major problems with your hair or scalp, it may not be necessary to undergo this treatment. Other methods like Dubai hair extensions are available that you can take advantage of. Furthermore, it is suggestive that you procure the best stylist to take care of your hair.

Uncountable Benefits of a Personal Stylist

August 15, 2017

Fashion and Style

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A perception that is roaming around from so years needs to be broken! Yes, a perception is thee in the market that only celebrities and filthy rich individuals can afford to have the stylists. People still think that only rich and very famous people can hire a personal stylist. This myth needs to get end, the reality is totally different now people can easily hire a personal stylist at pocket friendly rates.

There are many services providers that are offering men’s personal stylist service; it is just that people have a wrong perception about it. People think that since they are not wealthy enough, they can’t afford to buy a personal stylist.

What to wear?

Suppose you have a really big corporate event coming up and you are the host of the party. Off-course you will be the center of attention and to become the talk of town you surely take all the measures to create a successful vent. One thing which you should not forget in between is your own personality. You will be the host of the party, you have to look good. People are mostly not aware of the body shapes, they are not aware o what cut suits their personality. Due to the lack of sense they end up buying something that doesn’t suit them at all. In this case only one person can help you and he is your wardrobe consultant.

Do you think it is expensive?

Just imagine, you spend so much on buying something unique for yourself. You visit different shops to get the best stuff, you visit so many malls, and in short you spend so much just for the sake of buying that unique outfit. It is better to hire a wardrobe consultant rather than going to different shops. A wardrobe consultant has all the knowledge related to different body shapes. He is aware of the cuts that suits different personalities.

There is a quite growing demand of personal shoppers. In Dubai personal shopper can be found easily. People prefer personal shoppers because they want to save themselves from the burden of choosing the stuff; they want to save themselves from the burden of visiting different malls.

A personal shopper is ideal if you are not aware of the colors, if you are not aware of the cut that suits you. If you think that you too need a personal shopper then you can hire one easily for your ease.

Tips on getting the best baby swimwear online

July 4, 2017

Fashion and Style

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Summertime is coming up and this means that both kids and adults would soon be hitting the pool and the beach. This also means that you would soon need to purchase baby swimwear for your little angels. Here are a few tips that are sure to help you help you acquire the best baby swimwear on the internet:


Make sure that you know their size
It is extremely important for you to know your child’s size to be able to purchase a swimwear in Dubai that is a good fit. Remember, a proper fit is everything, so you need to pay ample attention to it. For instance, you need to make sure that the elastic bands that circle the legs are not too tight or they’ll cause rashes. You don’t want a suit that is too loose because it could snag easily. Regardless of how cute the suit may be, the child has to feel comfortable in the suit if he or she is going to have fun in the water.


Are they really safe?
When you purchase swimsuits for kids, particularly for girls, the best choice in terms of safety are two piece ones. This is because there is less material for you to worry about with regards to getting stuck on pool parts. This means that these baby swimsuits are easier to maneuver even when your little one heads to the restroom. When choosing a swimsuit, select one that has a drawstring. However, don’t let the drawstring dangle from the kid’s swimwear too far, because it could be sucked in by pool filtering systems. Read more about the importance of ensuring your child’s safety when buying swimwear so you can opt for the best ones out there.


Consider neoprene baby swimsuits
Children these days are a whole lot more sun-conscious then we ever were back in our childhood. When it comes to you, it is necessary for you to make sure that your child is well-protected against the sun. believe it or not, but choosing the right swimwear for kids can help you do this better than any lotion or sun cream on the market. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to choose full-length neoprene baby swimsuits, which look similar to a wetsuit that a diver might wear. These come with snaps in the crotch area so changing a diaper wouldn’t be a problem for you at all.