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Tips to help you choose the most flattering plus size dresses

January 21, 2019

Fashion and Style

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If you are a plus size woman who holds the belief that it is impossible for you to find fashionable and stylish clothes that can make you look beautiful and sexy, then you are still living in the past. If truth be told, these days, you will face no difficulty in finding a wide range of attractive and fashionable plus size dresses in Dubai to choose from. However, you will have to be extremely careful when selecting your wardrobe so that you can pick dresses that are made out of fabrics, colors and design that will look great on you. You will also have to consider what type of plus size dresses will hide your problem areas and accentuate your curves effectively. Following are a few tips that will help you a great deal in choosing plus size dresses that will make you look slimmer and sexy:


Choose prints and colors wisely

Solid colors, especially black, will make you look slimmer than your actual size. You should also prefer single colored dresses as they will give you a thinner look provided that they are the perfect fit for you. In case you are someone who loves printed dresses, then always opt for dresses with large prints if you are tall and small prints if you are short heighted.


Only purchase dresses that are the perfect fit for you

A very common mistake that plus size women make when purchasing plus size clothing in Dubai is that they either purchase to tight dresses to look thinner or too loose to hide the problem areas of their body. The fact is that if you will wear a dress that is too tight for you, it will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also show bulges that you actually want to hide. On the other hand, a too loose dress will not be able to provide you an attractive shape which will make you look bigger that your actual size. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to only opt for a dress that is perfect fit on your body.


Add more wrap dresses to your wardrobe

The best thing about wrap dresses is that they will effectively hide your wide hips and will highlight your curves to provide you with elegant and sexy looks. Moreover, wrap dresses are also considered the most stylish, fashionable and comfortable choice for plus size women.

Finding The Top Hair Salon Near You

March 6, 2018

Fashion and Style

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There are things in this world that people understand without saying a word. It turns out the language of fashion of one of those things. Everything from your apparel or wardrobe to footwear, your hairstyle to looks is included in it. Fashion is not just to look languish and trendy, it is all about who you are and how you want the world around you to see you. When it comes to fashion, you need follow trends closer than you ever did. However, you may or may not be looking to get a trendy hairstyle this time around but it should still look good. Alright, now that it is decided that you are looking to get a catchy hairstyle, all you need to do is to find a trendy, reputable or even famous barber shop in JLT. You being a citizen of JLT region Dubai has many advantages. For instance, you have in the area some of the best fashion apparel and hairstylists in the whole country. It is time to take the opportunity and make the most out of it. A quick look around the area already revealed you a number of great hair salons in the region. how to decide which of these is more suitable to you when you know little to nothing about them? It is not that difficult but you need to do some research before eventually shortlisting the names of reputable barber shops. Here is more on this so pay attention:

Ask People

As with most things in life, you may need to ask people about a suitable hair salon nearby. After all, you don’t want to ruin your hair by visiting some novice and have them experiment on your hair in the name of fashion right. You want to look cool but not at the cost of your hair. Keeping these things in mind, you should ask people around and note all the hair salon names and numbers they may provide. It is time to explore more options and collect numbers. Once you’ve done so, start contacting each of them and ask about pricing, booking and timing. Some salons might give you an appointment straightaway while others may be booked for many days. In any case, they’ll hand you an appointment provided you assure them to be at the salon on time.

Click this site to learn more about hair salons and why you might need to do some research on what to look for in one.