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Foods that can help insomniacs get natural sleep

August 9, 2017

Medical and Health

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There are certain foods that can help you in falling asleep and maintaining it. First of all, if you truly want to sleep well, then you must not consume anything that has caffeine in it after 2 o’clock in the day. Alcohol consumption during the evening must also be very limited. The reason is that caffeine has stimulant properties, which do not allow the brain to shut down, thereby causing a lack of sleep. On the other hand, alcohol would never let you sleep without any disruptions.

For dinner, you must have things that are high in calcium, protein and magnesium. For a healthy diet Dubai, you should have foods that are rich in protein include poultry, cheese and red meat. Moreover, they also consist of an essential amino acid by the name of tryptophan. Tryptophan basically augments the production of sleep hormones such as melatonin and serotonin in our body, thereby making you fall asleep easily. Likewise, calcium and magnesium can be found in dairy products, broccoli and nuts. These basically help in relaxing your mind, which obviously makes you fall asleep.

Juices and snacks

In the evening, you must drink a diluted tart cherry juice. This juice basically has the potential to increase the production of melatonin in our body, hence it can aid in increasing the amount of time that you sleep without any disruptions late in the night. If you prefer having an early dinner, then chances are that you would probably get hungry in the night at say 11 o’clock or so. Make sure that you do not have a rich or heavy snack that might fill up your stomach too much. Instead go for something light and healthy such as nuts, bananas, grains or even oatmeal. A fruit salad might also be a good option; it is also a good pick as a food for weight loss Dubai.

If you are having insomnia problems, then getting comfort foods is also recommended. The best choice for you in this regard is to get fruits which can fill you up without making you deal with a high calorie count! If you are overweight, then losing a bit of weight can also help you develop a healthy sleep pattern, so cut down on your calories and exercise regularly to be able to get natural sleep. Last but not the least, you really need to fix a sleep-wake time and work on your eating routine. Try having five smaller meals instead of three heavy meals. This would prevent you from feeling hungry while trying to sleep. Natural remedies for insomnia are meant to help you get natural sleep without worrying about any harmful side-effects, so make sure that you try these out right away!

What’s the best breastfeeding routine for my baby?

July 16, 2017

Medical and Health

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Becoming a parent and finding your stride can be a period of vast acclimation, because we all want to do well at our new jobs as parents.   A more frustrating facet of early days with a young child include that things are constantly changing.  So, what is the best breastfeeding routine for your baby?

Below are some tricks and tips to help guide you on the best breastfeeding and feeding routine for your baby with a focus on the first three months, three-six months, and beyond.

In the beginning

The first several weeks of your child’s life may seem the hardest.  There are two schools of thought when it comes to feeding your newborn, feeding on demand vs. setting a schedule.  While many mothers may seek a schedule, and attempt to maintain some semblance of sanity and control in the first few weeks of breastfeeding in Dubai, a lot of lactation consultants will suggest letting baby take the lead in terms of hunger and feeding.

During the first month, your little one will generally eat between eight and 12 times per day. The amount of time spent feeding can vary from as little as five to as many as 20, 30 or even 40 minutes on each breast.

Pulling out the day planner

A sample schedule or loose routine that would have you feeding baby at 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM, 10PM (direct back to sleep), 1AM (direct back to sleep) and 4AM (direct back to sleep).  Remember any schedule doesn’t need to be set in stone

On demand

Whether you’re trying to set a schedule or are completely letting baby take the reign of chow time, knowing what cues signify a hungry little one can allow you a little more time to find a calm quiet space to breastfeed, pump, or mix up some formula, dependent on your needs.  Signals from baby that can mean it’s almost meal time include: lip and tongue smacking, opening mouth wide or clenching of fists and arms.  On the dessert course, signs that baby is satisfied and has fed enough include the relaxing of hands and arms and that baby has stopped rooting for milk.

Finding the balance

A good point of reference that will allow for scheduling later on, and some pre-planning as any Dubai nurse will guide you, is to keep a log of what times, for how long or how much, baby eats.  It’s also a good idea to track diaper usage in these logs, as this will allow you to make sure that baby isn’t dehydrated, as well as keeping an inventory on your diapering supplies, laundry schedule etc.

Are Injectable Fillers for Lips Really Good for You?

July 10, 2017

Medical and Health

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To look beautiful is a girl’s dream and you can’t take this right from a woman. Having attractive body and beautiful features is something that every girl looks for. Women keep on trying different methods of looking beautiful. Off-course they always want to be in the limelight, they always want to be the center of attention.

First thing which people mostly notice is your lips. You are aware of that smile is best curve of your body and to have an attractive smile, you need to have attractive lips. When it comes to lips, none can forget Angelina Jolie as she is the one who really gave women the lip goals. Every girl wants to have lips like Angelina Jolie. Now to have lips like her, you can’t go towards the natural methods because natural methods never seem to work for this. The best choice for such women is to go for the lip fillers. Lip fillers in Dubai is very common and it is being done by various surgeons who deal with the cosmetic surgery.

Fuller lips make you look sensual!

You are aware of that Angelina Jolie hitches heart by her lips. You too can have lips like her. Fuller lips make you look beautiful and more sensual. If you too want to enhance the fullness of your lips, best thing to do is to go for the lip filler injections. The lip filler injections increase the volume of your lips. Now you need to understand one thing. Mostly lip fillers are temporary means they are not permanent and you need to get it done after every few months.

Try something new!

Change is not bad! If you are so bored of your regular appearance then it is the time to try something new that gives you a beautiful look. If you are one of those who love trying different things then lip fillers are the way to go.

The procedure is not painful as they first give you a local anesthesia and make your lips numb. Once your lips get numb, they start performing the procedure. The complete procedure doesn’t take more than 2 hours. There are so many myths roaming around the world regarding lip fillers that is dangerous and the procedure is quite painful. Don’t fall for such myths. Just like there are so many myths out there related to breast reduction that it is a dangerous procedure. Breast reduction in Dubai is common and no side effects have been noted.

Three Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

July 4, 2017

Medical and Health

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Children are more prone to disease and other health risks because of their immune system is still developing. Add that to their everyday fumble and tumble, children become a target of diseases, especially if you don’t pay attention to their health. During the development stages of children, their immune system is still in maturity level, and their daily contact to elements make them susceptible to illnesses.

As a parent, you are responsible for taking care of your child’s health. Here are some things you need to keep in mind, as experts from children’s medical center in Dubai advise:

  1. Eating right

The key to a strong immune system is a healthy diet. Nonetheless, you have to recognize that you cannot always control what your children eat. Unless you are preparing their lunch, do you know what your children eat when they are at school? If you want to make sure your children’s diet is as healthy as possible, stick to the 80-20 rule – 80% of the time, you make sure they eat healthy, and 20% of the time, you allow them to enjoy little treats.

It is also important to educate your children about healthy food. The more they understand the need to eat nutritious food, the less difficult it will be for you to make them eat. Don’t just forbid them from eating junk food; tell them why they need to do so.

  1. Making exercise fun

Most children love doing different activities. The problem is that some parents fail to stress how these activities help them stay healthy. In turn, some children lack the motivation to go out, join activities, or exercise.

The quick solution to this is to make exercise fun. Be more creative and focus on making exercising an activity they will enjoy. This will not only help them stay healthy, but also find ways to meet new friends and build better relationships with other people.

  1. Teaching good hygiene

Being healthy is not all about what you eat and what you do – staying clean is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As children spend most of their time at school or outdoors, they become exposed to toxins and other elements that may cause illnesses.

Good hygiene is one way to prevent germs from making your children sick. Start by teaching them how to wash their hands properly after playing and before eating. This practice goes a long way.


No parent would want their child to get sick. Fortunately, doctors from the best hospitals in Dubai are always ready to help and educate parents in keeping their children safe.