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5 Quick Tips on Choosing A Building Cleaning Service Company

July 27, 2017

Cleaning Services

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Cleanliness is important in any establishment. You need to ensure that your space is clean, from the inside and out to ensure the safety and well-being of people inside your space. But due to time restrictions, in-depth cleaning is usually forgotten. There is where the services of a building cleaning company is needed.

But choosing a credible one can be tricky, but these steps might make the search a little less stressful:


  1. Scout online and through referrals

If this is your first time to employ the help of building cleaning company and you don’t have anyone on your contact list, then you can start the search by asking your close friends. Some of them might have employed the services of a cleaning company for their homes and business. Ask for recommendations and referrals and narrow them based on your location.


If you want to widen your search, you can search online and select a few companies with credible qualifications.


  1. Verify credentials

They made look and sound good on their website, but it is a must that you verify the authenticity of their credentials through different means. Be sure that the cleaning company that you will employ has the seal of approval of the government and they are a Dubai municipality approved water tank cleaning with legit papers and licenses to operate. There are a lot of dubious cleaning companies that are operating without business permit and licenses. Beware of these companies as they might give you substandard service and can cause more harm than good for your space.


  1. Ask for their portfolio and clients

Once you narrow down your list to a number of legit cleaning companies, you can now start on asking them about their service. Are they solely providing cleaning services on space or does this include air duct cleaning for ships? Who are their clients and what particular services they provide to these individuals and establishments? It is important that you know these facts so you can gauge whether they can handle your cleaning requirements.


  1. Inquire about their cleaning methods

Knowing the cleaning process and method of the company is imperative so you will know how they are going to do the actual cleaning. Ask what cleaning agents they are going to use and how safety are these cleaning solutions. If you must, ask for the brands and research on the cleaning agents over the internet and read the instructions. You might also want to ask for how long the cleaning will take.


  1. Know what are the terms and conditions of the service

Once you are satisfied with the company’s cleaning method and process, you may now proceed with discussing the payment and terms. Before signing a contract, be sure to read the stipulations and inclusions. Ask if the company provides insurance in the event accidents happen during the cleaning process.

Tips on using the best cleaning services

July 19, 2017

Cleaning Services

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People generally tend to think that hard surface cleaners and hard surface furniture cleaners are the same thing. But well, there is a difference! It isn’t uncommon to see people associating pressure wasters with the cleaning of hard surfaces. These are basically machines that pump their output over the hard surfaces so that any dirt present on them can easily be blasted away. However, this method cannot be used over furniture, irrespective of their solidity and make.

The major reason why this is not possible is that furniture pieces are generally considered as being semi-hard surfaces and they have the tendency to lose out on their sheen in case they are exposed to high power pressure washers. On the other hand, it is not recommended at all for you to blast high amount of water on to them. This basically triggers the accumulation of mildew and mold, which would obviously cause severe harm to your furniture and even destroy it completely.

The best means of furniture cleaning is to take on the services of professional villa cleaning services Dubai. However, taking on cleaning services is not really possible for everyone. In this case, what you need to do is use floor steamers. What these machines basically do is use high temperature output (up to 386-degree F) so as to clean the surfaces. This range of temperature is easily bearable for a majority of furniture surfaces.
Given below are a few steps that will make it easier for you to use a furniture cleaner:

Practice extreme care
The utilization of floor steamer deems it necessary for you to handle them with extreme care. The reason is that in case the output gets directed towards your body, it is going to cause severe injuries and burns. The nozzle of the machine must never be placed very close to the furniture top. What you need to do is initially place the nozzle at a fair distance. Distance needs to be maintained for the simple reason that the surface will receive a full thrust high temperature output of the machine and that might harm it. However, if you hold it too far away, the result might be ineffective. As the best cleaning companies in Dubai suggest, to be able to find optimum distance, just give various positions a try.

Give dry steam output a try
The best steam cleaners are those that deliver dry steam output. This basically signifies that the content of liquid water delivered by these is extremely low (around 5% in a majority of cases). Obviously, machines that have a dry steam output will be transferring lower amounts of water on to your furniture, which would increase its lifespan on the whole.

No matter what sort of mildew or mold has accumulated over the surface, their output can easily remove it. Further formations are also prevented because of low water content.