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Tips to help you have the time of your life during desert safari trip

April 3, 2019


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There are many different things that people love trying out when visiting Dubai. One such activity is that of the desert safari. The fact of the matter is that, the government of Dubai has taken extensive steps to ensure that the Emirate remains on top of the list as a must visit travel destination for tourists across the world. For this, the government has offered countless amazing activities to ensure that the tourists and the travelers remain entertained at all times. One of the most commonly desired activities amongst all travelers and tourists is that of the Dubai desert safari. The reason behind its popularity is very simple. The morning desert safari in Dubai makes it possible for people to witness the desert life in its true glory. Hence, when visiting Dubai, it is highly recommended for you to plan out a desert safari trip as it will surely give you something to boast of when you go back.

If truth be told, there are certain tips that you need to follow to make sure that you have an amazing desert safari trip while visiting Dubai. Here is a look into a few of these tips:

1- Choose a reputable desert safari company

If you truly want to have a good time during the desert safari trip that you have planned, then it is best that you acquire the services of a reputable desert safari company for it. Yes, there are actually several dedicated companies out there that help their clients have the best excursions including the desert safari. To ensure that you have a good time make sure that you choose the one that holds an excellent reputation in the market for its services.

2- Don’t forget to wear sunblock

Before heading out for your trip, it is extremely important that you make sure that you apply ample amounts of sunblock. The reason is that, you are surely going to be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun which has the potential to burin your skin. Hence, to protect yourself, it is highly recommended for you to wear a highly quality sunblock before heading out for the trip.


3- Stay hydrated

An extremely important tip for you to follow in this regard is that of staying hydrated at all times during your trip. See this here for more information and start planning your trip.

Know Your Desert Safari Up Close

August 14, 2017


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Now that you know a little about desert safari deals in Dubai, it is time to know a lot more. Before heading to the desert safari, there are a few things that you might find interesting. Though they may sound insignificant at first, they’ll help you later when the tour begins. As such, knowing all about how the tour will start, progresses and ends makes you plan your time and make the most of every activity you do. It also helps you plan your tour better and accommodate as much fun as you can. Here is more information about your upcoming desert safari tour:

Tour Duration

Every safari tour is planned in a different way which makes safari all the more fun. What you’ve planned for your family may be different to what you friend or colleague had planned. Same is the case with tour duration. The duration of each tour depends on the type of safari you opt for. For instance, a basic desert safari tour will commence round 4.30pm and will last till around 11.00pm. if you’ve chosen to stay overnight, you will stay in a traditional Bedouin style tent. This type of tour will last till the morning in which you will enjoy a tasty breakfast watching an amazing early morning sunrise.


Deseret safari tours don’t put any restrictions on how many people you can bring with you. Bring as many people with you as you can without fearing any restrictions as there aren’t any. Also, you have the permission to travel the area on your own. However, only six persons can travel in a vehicle so keep that in mind. The more people you bring, the more vehicles you might need to hire. The car will take to and from the desert during which it will bash some dunes on the way.



One of the salient features of desert safaris is their foods. The tasty and unique desert BBQ dinner is what many tourists love to have. It is a combination of Arabic and continental dishes. As such, you can enjoy the best food offered comprising of rotis, tandoori dishes, hummus and kebabs. For vegetarians, there is good news. They can also enjoy great food even without meat as chefs will prepare special vegetarian food as they wish.

But before having dinner, have as much fun during your evening desert safari as you can.

Going Beyond Dubai: 5 Places to Visit Outside Dubai

May 23, 2017


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Fun-loving travelers always want more – they thread the road less travelled and see places that has never been seen before by a common tourist. They ditch their itineraries and explore on their own. And sometimes, they even go out of their way and visit nearby places outside the city.


Good thing for these daredevil travelers, there are places they can go outside the city of Dubai. And if you are planning on going to an epic adventure of a lifetime, drop your map and start checking out these amazing places outside Dubai.


  1. Al Ain


If you are in for some unique adventure, then have a rewarding visit at Al Ain, The Garden City. Located southeast of Dubai within the Burami Oasis, Al Ain offers a wide range of spectacular destinations that attracts even the pickiest tourist. You can visit the Jebel Hafeet, Qatar’s second highest mountain. You can also take a stroll on remarkable date-plam plantations and learn a thing or two about the Qatari culture by visiting the historical fortresses. Of course, a trip without a shopping spree is not complete. Shop till you drop on the famous Al Jimi Shopping Center and check out the camel and livestock souq.


  1. Ajman


Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates, but this place is packed with activities every tourist can enjoy. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, you can relax in the white sand beach of Ajman.  You can also explore the place and visit the dhow building. Ajman craftsmen and boat makers are known for their skills and seeing it for real.


  1. Kish Island


Kish Island is one of the smaller islands Persian Gulf that is blessed with amazing destinations. Kish is known for its beautiful corals and gorgeous beaches. Make trip and dive to witness the beautiful coral reefs in the gulf. You can explore more of the place by visiting the Kish Qanat, a massive tunnel built around 2500 BC. This structure is built to supply water to the ancient inhabitants of Kish.



  1. Sharjah


If you love shopping and the beach, then Sharjah is the perfect place to visit. Sharjah is home to breathtaking beaches and resorts where you can forget your worries away while jet-skiing in Khalid Lagoon. And aside from the spectacular view of the sea, you can enjoy exploring the market and get dibs on one-of-a-kind finds in The Blue Souq shopping center. And if you are looking forward to satisfying your taste for some cultural trip, you can visit the Archeology Museum, the Sharjah Fort Museum and the Sharjah Islamic Museum.


  1. Mina Jebel Ali


Situated southeast of Dubai, Jebel Ali is considered as one of the newest district in Dubai known for its industrial importance in the booming UAE economy. But Mina Jebel Ali is also known for its top-notch beach resorts and tourist activities. Aside from the beach, travellers can spend some time by taking off seaplane flight, horse riding and fishing, perfect activities for family bonding.