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Golf Tips for Beginners: The Dos and Don’ts of Golf

July 2, 2017


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Golf, as they say, is one of the greatest sports in the world. But as a beginner, the process of familiarizing yourself to this famous sport can be daunting and sometimes, intimidating. If you are an aspiring golf player, this article is for you. Below are the dos and don’ts on the golf course:

Do: Start the learning process on a practice range and not on the golf course. The practice range is a perfect venue for aspiring players to get acclimated to the game.

Don’t: Get embarrassed on the practice range. Everyone there is also a beginner or was once a beginner so they truly understand the struggle. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes because no one will judge you there.

Do: Find a professional coach with years of golfing experience. Your coach will make sure that you get a proper swing foundation, which is vital in this game.

Don’t: Let your partner, friend, or relative be your primary golf coach. In most cases, this is a recipe for disaster. It could drive you away from the game (and worse, from each other). If they are also golfers, you may ask them some tips but don’t let them be your primary coach. Hire a professional.

Do: Mark your golf ball so it will be easy for you to identify it. Expect that there will be many golfers on the practice range (or on the golf course) who are playing with you at the same time. So, it is advisable that you put a small mark on your golf ball so that you won’t waste time looking for it and disturb other golfers’ games.

Don’t: Make the marking of your golf ball too big. Make it a point that the mark on your golf ball is not bigger than a poker chip.

Do: Invest in proper golf attire. You may be a beginner by now but soon enough, you’ll be a professional golfer. And professional golfers need to be dressed up appropriately and have their own equipment. For beginners, we recommend that you first buy your own golf glove. You may think that it is not important because many golfers don’t use it but as a beginner, we advise you to get one. Aside from the fact that it looks cool, a golf glove will protect your uncallused palm.

Don’t: EVER buy head covers for your irons. Don’t ask us why. Just don’t.

Aside from the above mentioned dos and don’ts, there are so many other things you need to learn about golfing. Whether you are a newbie searching for one of the best golf courses in Dubai or an experienced golfer looking for a Dubai golf tournament, we can assist you. Just click one of the links and let our professional golf coaches be of service to you.