What is meant by a root canal?

It is a treatment performed by dentists to repair and protect a tooth which is either effected or decayed. In the root canal procedure two parts of a tooth are removed, first is pulp and the second is nerve and the inside area of the tooth is sealed and cleaned.

The root canal treatment is necessary because if it does not get performed, the surrounding tissue of the tooth will be infected along with an amount of abscess. 

Once the tooth grows  through the gums, the nerve of it is not so important for it because all it does is that it provides the sensitivity like the feeling of cold or hot stuff that comes in contact with teeth so even if the nerve is absent the daily functioning of the teeth remain same.

Is the process of root canal painful?

The procedure of root canal is reported to be painful and the most painful thing is the filling that is placed inside although the procedure itself is not that painful.

In the start of getting root canal done the patients feel inflammation because of natural irritation that occurs in the tissues. The pain can be controlled by medicines which are prescribed by the dentist as pain killers. The pain sometimes lasts few days and sometimes the patients feel okay the very next so that differs from person to person. 

Right after this treatment it is prescribed to chew less so tooth does not break again before it is fully restored and starts functioning normally. 

Ways to avoid dental complications

In order to avoid complications related to teeth one must always brush his or her teeth regularly. Besides floss is also needed and the mouth wash that is being used  should be antibacterial or antiseptic. In order to have a healthy oral health one must always take care of oral hygiene.

In Dubai most of the people are very familiar with the terms root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi and invisalign braces Abu Dhabi although there are many other treatments that are designed specially for teeth protection.

How successful is it?

The treatment of root canal succeeds most of the time like there are 95% of chances of recovery and that recovery lasts for a long time and sometimes for a lifetime. The last step in root canal is the restoration in the form of crown it is so effective that it does not even look like you have been through a root canal. 


Sometimes, even when your dentist has put all his efforts into the root canal still the patient can face problems in future and that can be due to the fact that not all of the teeth were cleaned properly. Secondary if there was some unnoticed crack left in the tooth. Thirdly, it is so because the restoration was of poor quality.