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3 Basic Building Maintenance That Building Owners Need To Do

January 29, 2018

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The maintenance of office buildings are essential to the well-being of people working inside the facility. Most of these employees spend more than 12 hours a day in work and they are the ones who are using the amenities and facilities.

Which is why it is a must for building owners and admins to conduct regular building maintenance. Making this a top priority will not only keep the facility clean and safe, it can also help in promoting the welfare of the people inside. Here are some of the building maintenance work that should be regularly done in an office building:

  1. Building cleaning


Building cleaning is more than just sweeping and wiping the floors for dust and making sure that the facility looks spotless at all times. Building admins and owners should bear in mind that cleaning should not be superficial. Unseen threats like germs and bacteria might be breeding in one of the corners of your building space. Doing a deep cleaning and sanitation at least twice a year to ensure that every corner of the building is tidy and germ-free. There are building cleaning companies in Dubai that offer all-inclusive cleaning of facilities, including area sanitation and steam deep cleaning.

  1. Renovation and repairs


For most building owners and landlords, renovation and revamps are not that necessary as compared to cleaning the space. But the truth is, building admins should always facilitate space inspection and renovation to ensure the structural integrity of the space. A simple wall crack can lead to a more serious damage if not attended and repaired. Having the building space checked for structural damage and doing immediate remediation will not only save the owners from major construction work but it can also make their building space appealing to prospective tenants. Be sure to get experts in construction cleaning in Dubai to clean after any renovation work.

  1. HVAC maintenance


The indoor air quality of the space can affect the people residing in your building space. Poor air quality can cause respiratory ailments which can lead to absenteeism and poor employee performance. By ensuring that the air ducts and other components are clean and working properly, building admins are keeping their tenants healthy and happy. Be sure to conduct regular inspection of the airway system in the building space. Also, advise tenants to regularly clean the AC and report if there are issues with regards to the malfunctioning of the air systems.

Read This To Find Reputable CCTV Solution

January 23, 2018


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It is your right to look for the best security measures to equip your home and office with. It makes all the sense in the world to also consider effective means to secure your premises. However, do you really fancy your ability to search the market and find the best security solution on your own? If you think that way, and have the confidence of finding one on your own, you should be commended, but the reality is a little different. Today, the market is literally flooded with hundreds of different brands and types of security solutions.

There are so many of them around that you might have a hard time deciding which one to buy and which one to leave. Though the performance plays a decisive role in influencing your decision to buy a CCTV system in Dubai, it is just one of the many aspects you need to think about. Suffice to say that you will need to ask people and read some surveys to know the true qualities of a surveillance system. In the meantime, you might also want to look into some of the top solutions available in the market today. There is no harm in going to online sites and search the best CCTV camera systems available in the market. Here is what you should do to find the best CCTV solution for your security needs:

Ask People

It will greatly help if you could somehow get in touch with people and ask them about the surveillance system. You will get a lot of opinions and some company names as well as numbers. It is up to you to contact them and ask about the usability, availability, warranty and overall life of the system. You may get different answers so listen to each one calmly and grasp the crux of what they had said. Don’t indulge into arguments and simply listen. You might end up knowing thing or two about the system that you didn’t know earlier.

Ask about warranties and price flexibility and negotiate with them if you feel like they might reduce the price further. Though this is not always the case, there is no harm in trying your innovations during the conversation.

In the meantime, also ask about the networking ability of the system and see if you could somehow match it with other effective security solutions like locks and alarms. There is no denying that you might eventually end up securing a good system, but it is better to read more about these systems before deciding to buy one.