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Why are Bollywood movies so popular in Dubai?

January 20, 2019


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When visiting Dubai, you must have seen several Emiratis speaking fluent Hindi. Even young people in Dubai irrespective of their culture and nationality are more likely to speak Hindi effortlessly with great confidence. Certainly, the prevailing and rising popularity of Indian movies in this region is one of the major reasons that allow people to speak fluent Hindi. From Bollywood actors to movies and songs, people in Dubai are overly impressed by the Indian Film industry. The craze and love of people for Bollywood movies is evident when you visit cinemas in Dubai. Undoubtedly, it would be appropriate to say that people in Dubai prefer watching Bollywood movies more than Hollywood movies because they think that Hindi films showcase vibrant and explosive colors coupled with their rich culture and strong traditions. By and large, it would not be wrong if we say that the entire Indian Film industry and Bollywood actors in Dubai are extremely popular among people.

There are incalculable reasons for the increasing popularity of Hindi film cinema in Dubai; however, some of the evident reasons are mentioned in this article. Including high authorities and various independent media channels in Dubai, everyone claims that the Arab audience has a historic relation with Hindi cinema. This affiliation of Arab audience with Hindi film industry is not only contributing to the growth and development of the Indian Film industry, but it is also providing great benefit to media channels and cinema houses of Dubai by generating great revenue. Thus, we can say that the popularity of the Indian film industry in Dubai is not only providing an economic boost to Hindi cinema, but it is also playing a substantial role in strengthening the economy of Dubai. However, some other reasons for the popularity of Indian movies in Dubai are enlisted below.

Rich culture:

Undoubtedly, the representation of rich and strong culture is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of Indian cinema in Dubai and several other parts of the world. People not only like Indian culture, but they also enjoy the unique flavor of Hindi culture that is portrayed through movies and films. Thus, we can say that the representation of Indian culture is one of the major reasons that compel Arab audience to watch Bollywood movies. 

Different plots:

Whether it is a screening of Tamil movies in Dubai or any other Bollywood movie, you might have noticed that the majority of Indian movies have different plots and storylines. This feature not only attracts an audience in Dubai but also entices audience all over the globe.